Coaching: Why Me?

I offer coaching packages to people like you seeking a gentle yet direct guide to mirror your highest self back to you so you can live your fullest, most authentic life every single day.
For the past 20+ years, seeing the inherent good in others has fueled my teaching and coaching work with thousands of students, educators, entrepreneurs, coaches, and parents. The steady in my work is that I use my natural gifts of deep listening, intuition, and holding safe spaces to guide people to discover the passion and vision inside that longs to be expressed.

Now that you know this about me, let’s get real. I actually want to work together because I cannot wait to hear your story!

I want to learn about your passions and deepest fears, what gets you out of bed in the morning, how you use your intuitive gifts, and how you have overcome obstacles big and small.

Here Is What To Expect

Coaching feels as natural to me as the air we breathe. My style is warm yet rigorous, intuitive yet direct, and I blend masculine and feminine principles, giving you space to process at your own pace while pushing you to stay focused on concrete action toward meeting your purpose and goals. In our work, I offer:
A supportive Non-Judgmental Space to be seen and heard
questions that guide you To your innate wisdom
Frameworks to Help You Clarify Your goals
Support navigating through energetic blocks
Exercises to Help You cultivate mindfulness
Deep Listening to Foster purposeful action

Client Stories

David has an innate ability to tap into what your north star is from an initial conversation. He then uses a mix of what he is sensing with his intuition and the set of questions that arise from his conversational style of coaching to guide you to your next steps. David is all about energy and flow, and how to get you back into the state in which you can rely on your natural instinctive capabilities to achieve your professional goals.
Anand Ganesh
Founding Software Architect
David has been instrumental in my development as a school leader.  He approaches his coaching with patience and curiosity, and always makes time to check in on my mental wellbeing.  David has helped me take a step back as a leader to get the balcony view of our school - supporting me in creating our school's priorities and initiatives.  I've already experienced a change in how I show up and where I spend my time as a school leader because of my work with David!
Emma Karpowicz
Principal, Alpha Public Schools
Working with David as a coach is like stepping into an alternative well of clarity. Whether he calls it out right away, or it emerges through dialogue,  eventually what truly matters to the heart and whatever weighs heavy on the mind, makes its way front and center to the session. David is extremely empathetic and with care, intentionality and curiosity he has helped me navigate all kinds of knots: leadership knots, emotional knots, knots of fear, old patterns that have become knotted and entrenched.
Sofia Lozano
Community Organizer at Innovate Public Schools

Invest in Yourself Today

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Packages For Educators

If you are an educator seeking consulting services to help execute on your vision (big or small), I am here to help. I offer packages to support educators ready to open innovative schools, programs or communities of learning and executive coaching for educational leaders. Get in touch today to learn more.

To learn more about my vision for a Conscious Education Revolution and my education background, visit the Re-Imagine School page.