Men's Group

Monthly group for authentic connection
and support.

Who’s This For?

The Conscious Men Rising Together Group is for those of you seeking a way home to your highest self. It is for men like you who are committed to your own growth and development, to checking your ego at the door, to becoming vulnerable, and to leaning into this historic moment of great change so we can rise to our individual greatness in a supportive community.

Inspired by the 2015 movie The Mask We Live In, Conscious Men Rising Together is about breaking out of the traditionally narrow definition of masculinity so we can reconnect to our inner voice, purpose, and power and show up fully present for the heroic lives each of us knows we were destined to lead.

Your guide David Richards is committed to growing alongside you. He will push you to be an active participant in re-defining masculinity. He will continually ask you to be open to going back to the source--the innate wisdom that lies within you--to help you discern your authentic path forward. David is passionate about redefining masculinity because his own inner work has radically improved his life and relationships, especially those with his father, brother, and son. Learn more about David’s story here.

This is all about authenticity and holding a space for men.

The group meets monthly in an interactive online setting and is currently accepting new members.

Here Is What To Expect

The only expectation is you show up open and authentically. This is a sacred group that meets monthly. We share what is on our hearts and we support each other through the ups and down of life, especially as we walk this path as men.
A Supportive, Non-Judgmental Space with other Like-Minded Men
Candid Conversations About the Challenges of Being a Man In Our Society
Practical Suggestions for Staying Connected to Your Authenticity

Participant Stories

As a particiapant in David's men's group, I get to watch him use his intuition, wisdom, and experience to help others -- including myself -- feel connected and grow. He is a master facilitator, community-builder, and coach. Each session leaves me pondering a new question or looking at the world in a slightly different way. The ability to support - and be supported - by other men in a space where we all feel open, honest, and vulnerable has been a true gift at this time of life.
Greg Ponikvar
Director of the Marshall Leadership Institute
David’s men’s group has taught me a measure of leadership and how to face uncertainty; that of holding the space for others to achieve a purpose. Not only has David held the space, we, as a group, have learned to hold the space for each other. There is a thoroughly different, nuanced form of empathy that is required between men, between fathers. David’s group has come to recognize this and strives to further it with each other.
Navarre Joseph
UX and Product Designer
David has helped facilitate a space where us men can come together and have a healthy conversation on various subjects. The conversation is spontaneous. It's emotional. It's powerful. And you leave feeling better and wanting to be a better version of yourself. Thank you David!
Steve Buzzard
Youth Sports Entrepreneur

Join The Group

The group is currently accepting new members. To learn more or to request to join, contact David today.
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