Educational Consulting

Educational Consulting Services


I provide educational consulting in the following areas.


Coaching Education Leaders

This is my specialty area. I have coached leaders at all different levels, from an instructional coach to the CEO/Superintendent. I have expertise in instructional leadership as a Stanford trained teacher, but also have coached non-instructional system leaders. My expertise is coaching around the skills of leadership. 

Innovative School Design and Implementation

I have designed and launched 10 innovative schools in the last decade as a teacher, principal, executive, and a board member. I have seen and experienced all angles and am well versed in taking the vision from a concept to successful implementation. 


School Review and Evaluation

I have not only launched several schools, but have spent time visiting, and deeply engaging with the best schools across the country. I am deeply knowledgeable in what it takes to run a great school. I can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and put together a plan to help quickly turn your school around or recommend a plan to move it from good to great.

Charter School Support

I have worked in all types of schools: international and domestic private, traditional public, and public charter schools. Most of my time has been in charter schools, and thus, I can offer support in all of the nuances of leading a successful charter school from the latest regulations to executing successful initiatives in your school.