Re-Imagine School

Building a learner and heart-centered
revolution for all.





Heart of the Matter: Changing Schools for Changing Times


Embracing the inherent goodness in every child.

Leading schools with LOVE.

Celebrating the inner GPS (intuition) present in every child from birth.

Supporting thriving schools, educational programs, community centers, and other partnerships that use out of the box thinking to put students in the driver’s seat.

Fostering  a smooth transition from adult to learner centered systems.

Uplifting the voices of visionaries in education who have important messages to share but have not previously been in the spotlight.

Building creative (and sometimes unconventional!) connections between people and organizations of all walks of life around the globe who are bound together by our shared commitment to seeing the wholeness and beauty in our children.

Creating spaces for educators to heal so we can see the highest light in the children we serve.
Join us as we build this WE movement together, with LOVE.

Why Change? Why Now?

Our world is undergoing unprecedented shifts, accelerated by COVID 19 and the surge in the racial justice movement in 2020. A paradigm shift is needed for the many people and organizations who are today struggling to let go of old (obsolete) ways of operating while building new systems we do not yet fully understand.

What Needs To change

Hierarchical organizations focused on command and control
Information being hidden, buried, or requiring special credentials to decode
Seeking external validation from institutions and hierarchical leadership structures

What We’re Building

Horizontal and decentralized networks

Information being readily available at your fingertips
Trusting your innate guidance system

Rapidly Changing Technology

All of this is supported by a host of new technologies that are constantly changing. So what does all of this have to do with education and the future of our children? These sweeping changes in the structure of our society have dramatic implications for how our students can learn best and what they will need to know to be successful in the future. Despite the urgent need to shift our education system to prepare students for the future, most schools remain firmly entrenched in an industrialized factory model created with two primary objectives: 1) command and 2) control. Since you are here today, we know you see a better way!

What the Community is Saying

David has coached me for several years, and I recommend him without hesitation. He has an uncanny ability to see your greatest strengths and lead around that in the conversation, while also gently nudging you toward your growth edges. I also appreciate that he is deeply committed to equity, owns his privilege and recognizes when he is bringing biases into the conversation.
Audria Johnson
Principal and Executive Director, Growth Public School
David's coaching was extremely impactful and rewarding. He helped bring out the best in me. His mission of building a Conscious Education Revolution inspires me. He helps me see the MAGIC and bring it to life, supporting me to follow my North Star, the vision of my dreams for the sake of children with mindfulness, JOY and heart-centered intuition. With his advice I have grown more confident in my role, and am now able to look at different approaches then focus on taking action.
Lily Kim
Teacher, South Korea
David's path crossed mine through Dr. Shefali's work as we both studied with her. His passion for education and reimagining how we educate our children is unparalleled. He has turned his passion into PURPOSE in a field that is shaping an entire generation. His experience as an educator and intuitive leadership coach is game changing, helping people in a meaningful way. His conscious approach to education is inspirational. David also uses his online platform to inspire, transform, and hold space for his audience and it has been a joy to be part of his community.
Faiza Liban
Mindfulness and Conscious Living Facilitator

David's Vision for a New Education Paradigm

David has a vision for a new paradigm for learning, having seen it all as a teacher, special education consultant, principal, CEO, and board member for over 20 years in all different types of schools. Heart of the Matter is a learner and heart centered movement. It is time to put the power in the hands of our communities and our young people. We aspire to gather educators, parents, and those committed to reinventing our schools from factories to learner-centered communities of love where people and children are at the center. Our intention is to bring this vision into reality one changemaker and community member at a time.
David has an unwavering commitment to empower people to follow their heart and create real change. Our current system doesn't work for most, and the massive inequities need to be disrupted to execute on the promise of a high quality education for all. David is passionate about building diverse, equitable learner-centered environments where all children can thrive. So let's come together to build new programs, schools, and learning environments that show the world what is possible when a group of committed changemakers come together for our children.

Current Offerings

Teacher Membership Group
We are creating a monthly membership group that unites teachers looking for general TLC in these difficult times, and also supports the shift to a more heart and learner-centered environment for students.
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Parent Membership Group
Stay tuned to learn more about a monthly membership group for parents in support of the shift to a more heart and learner-centered environment for their students.
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Intuitive School Leadership
We are launching an intuitive school leadership program for the 2021-22 school year. It is for school leaders who desire to lead from a place of intuitive strength. This is an intimate experience with David and a small group of school leaders from across the country.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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