Navigating Your Inner GPS

A self-paced course on using intuition to access your innate wisdom
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Do you struggle to connect with your voice of inner knowing?

Is it difficult for you to distinguish between fear and intuition?

Do you sometimes ignore the wisdom in your body  and later regret it?
In Navigating Your Inner GPS, you will learn simple, effective practices to tune into your intuitive guidance system in daily life. Why not take your first intuitive leap of faith today? Click here to access the FREE course.

The month-long course will ONLY be offered FREE until November 15, so act fast (but only if you get an intuitive yes)! If you intuition says YES, join us!
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Course Overview

In a culture that bombards us with messages that we should seek answers to questions about our life from the outside world, it can feel impossible to connect with your internal guidance system--your inner GPS. In Navigating Your Inner GPS, you will be guided back inside, to the boundless, unchanging, infinite, abundant you. This sense of abundance can be reached through your intuition. You will get to know the voice and feeling of your intuition, practice following your intuitive tugs, learn to trust your highest self, and develop the muscle of awareness so you make choices (both big and small) that align with your well being in daily life.

You'll walk away knowing:

  • How to navigate your Inner GPS in all aspects of your life
  • How to trust your intuition unequivocally even when the outside noises and the conditioned patterns try to take over
  • Step by step actions you can take in your everyday life to live life intuitively in freedom and flow
  • How to trust the small still voice that is always speaking to you

What You’ll Learn

1. How to trust your own inner wisdom
2. How to connect deeply with your Sovereign Self
3. How to listen to your body and know the difference between fear and intuition
4. How to practice stillness and access the neutral calm state of deep presence
5. How to discern intuitive messages and what to do with them
6. How to break down intuition at all levels and follow your truth to live a life of freedom and flow

What’s Included

10 instructional videos you can access any time
Four live Q&A sessions to review key concepts
guided meditations with journal prompts
A PDF workbook to help you follow along
Access to a vibrant, like-minded online community
A lifetime connection to your Inner GPS

Meet Your Teacher

David K Richards

David is an intuitive leader, coach, and learning visionary who embodies timeless wisdom practices to help changemakers turn daydreams into reality. David has worked as a teacher, special education consultant, principal, CEO, board member, and coach for over 20 years. A startup and personal growth junkie, David loves coaching and teaching others to come home to their intuitive warrior within.

Past Participant Stories

I’ve explored everything from silent retreats to ice baths to John Maxwell leadership conferences as part of my personal growth journey. Nothing has brought me in touch with my own intuitive guidance like working with David Richards. His courses are not about creating clones or bypassing discomfort to create a new reality, but finding your authentic voice and developing the courage to listen to it. I highly recommend them for anyone who is truly ready to come into their own.
Somer Lowery
Community Engagement Manager, Growth Public School
I worked with David as my life coach. I leaned on him to further my education towards personal development, and questions about enlightenment. David's found ways to connect my current life situation to  experiences I had as a child, teen, and adult. David was and is fantastic! Working with him helped shape the direction of my life today, and the tools he passed along will have ever lasting value to help me self-correct under any circumstances. Whether you're having trouble coping with past pain, setting and achieving goals, struggling in relationships, feeling stuck and need direction, or in need of old emotional support, David K. Richards is the man! He is more than a coach; he is a lifelong friend who really desires to help improve the human condition through his life coaching.
Maurice Shaw
Key Account Manager at Orchidia Fragrances
David is a gifted teacher and healer. He encourages me to show up in my raw, natural state and discover my inner GPS. This has allowed me to feel seen and heard; it has been just flawless. The community has supported me and validated me because they are a mirror, reflecting back to me what I already know I am. That is so reassuring and it has been an amazing gift.
Nafsheen Luhar
Visual artist, transformational speaker, healer, creator, and coach

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