Join the Conscious Education Revolution and help us build a heart and learner centered movement where we each rise together to change our education system, one student, one parent, one caretaker, one school, one community, one state, and one country at a time.

Why we think you are here
It is time to ignite a Conscious Education Revolution and build a heart and learner centered movement. It is time for the way we learn to change, and for schools to change. All change starts with an individual. You are here because you want to find the best version of yourself, find your soul’s greatest purpose, and because you know there is a better way for our kids. You believe that change is contagious, and that we need to be a connected community in these times of digital connection and human disconnection. Most importantly, you are here because you deeply BELIEVE in the power of children. You see their genius and their bright lights shining. You want to be part of a movement that helps them shine those lights brighter. You feel that change has to happen, and you want in.

Why we are here
We are here to spearhead a worldwide revolution to help others rise in consciousness and to support our next generation in being their best by inspiring change to our school system. We seek to help people rise to their highest consciousness and unleash their greatness, as we know that our children will benefit from this ripple effect of LOVE, curiosity, creativity and joy.


The vision for this “place” and who it is for
We envision schools that are heart and learner centered, where every element of the school allows
children to live from their heart, be champions of their unfolding lives and where all learning is centered around their creativity, curiosity, and joy. This community is a place for people that know the world is evolving rapidly and want to be connected together to navigate this change and create the world that we want to leave for our children. This will be a place for you to connect with like-minded individuals. Whether that is teachers looking to reform their classroom, school leaders that want to reform their school, parents that want to homeschool, educators that are leading completely out-of-the-box models, alternative programs that serve kids in a different way, or most importantly students in the system that have genius ideas to make it work for them. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, educator, or student, we want you to join the revolution.

How will DKR Coaching and Consulting support this vision?
We are here to support the journey of those that want to rise for themselves and for our children. We
will create a supportive community for you, coach you, and share tools and resources. We will also
amplify the reformers that are leading the change, and shine the light on the global beacons of hope to show you that this is possible. We will encourage and facilitate the change you want to see and be. Our vision is to create virtual communities and in-person groups to create the change, and to curate the 
best tools and resources to empower the change makers in communities across the world. We will start with videos and a podcast and ultimately offer online courses based on the needs of the community. As we grow, we will build out our community, our services, and our resources. We will be adaptive to what the needs of the community are. Share with us what you want to see, what you want to learn, and what would work best for you. Just like the learning communities we want to build for our kids, we want to be adaptive, creative, and innovative with this community.

Join now
We are just getting started, and would love you to be a part of it. We are going to change our education system, one student, one parent, one caretaker, one school, one community, one state, and one country at a time. There is no time to waste for our children. Sign up to get the latest updates on education reform through our newsletter, blog, and videos. We are working on a podcast, and will let you know when that launches. We can’t do this without you!