Change starts with you. Are you ready to lead the life you are destined for? My journey has been filled with pain and joy, but through a commitment to self-growth, leadership, and a determination to follow my Truth, I now have a deep knowing that I am here to help leaders rise and fulfill their soul's calling. 

About David
My name is David. And, I share my story with the hope that it helps others find their Truth and live an authentic and fulfilled life.

My First 40 years

I spent the first 40 years of my life fighting to prove people wrong. I faced trauma and adversity as a young child, and started building the mask at an early age. I grew up too fast and forgot how to play. I hid from the pain and shut down. I suppressed my voice and became the quiet kid who struggled to make friends. My greatest and free authentic self was more hidden as my life went on. I struggled in middle school and high school, and was lonely. I was depressed, bullied, and had low confidence. The discipline of sports saved me from drifting too far from my potential. I always worked hard and have had every job imaginable from a janitor to a CEO.


Turning 18

When I turned 18, I was determined to prove to the world that I was not a loser. Systems and authority figures had failed me. I had this fuel and anxious energy to achieve - to work hard and fight for what was mine. This worked for me. I leveraged that energy to achieve, and went from being a poor kid to graduating with honors from UC Berkeley and Stanford University. I had tremendous success in business and education. I climbed the ladder starting as a teacher then becoming a principal and a school executive. Through it all, I found myself in places where I was asked to lead others. I served my highest purpose to teach and help others, but the further away I got from teaching and coaching, the further I got from my authentic self. The more status I got, the more I felt empty. There was something missing. I was chasing status and getting more disconnected from my intuition and my essence.

My Awakening

When I turned 40 things started to change. I had supposedly reached the top of the pyramid as a successful leader, but I felt an emptiness. I quit my executive job to pursue my dream of opening my own school. I slowly but surely had an awakening. I realized that all of my accomplishments and all of the doing could not heal my wounds, and bring back the version of myself that I had buried. I embarked upon a spiritual journey, and the teachers started showing up for me: Richard Rohr, Dr. Shefali and Michael Bernard Beckwith to name a few. I went through a deep transformation and saw that I had a lot of healing to do. I took courses, I did the internal work, and I faced myself. I questioned the belief systems that we have all been conditioned to believe. I observed and changed my habitual patterns. I deepened my meditation practice. I slowly but surely opened my heart, and dissolved the armor. I started to feel again. I hadn’t cried since I was 12 years old. I found love for myself. And, it was all incredibly hard and painful. I saw parts of myself that were terrifying. I faced my demons head on from my traumatic childhood. I got Bell’s palsy and half of my face was paralyzed. I had a deep knowing that my body was experiencing something profound. The more I meditated, the more the pain dissolved, and the more I expanded. I opened up to receiving the gifts of the universe. I judged myself and others less. I had a better relationship with my friends, family, and was a better father. I started setting boundaries. I found that spacious powerful presence within that is all knowing and all powerful. You can call it God, Source, Spirit, the Universe, whatever you believe. But I feel it now. I know on a deeper level of Truth. I started playing with my heart, and realized all of the answers are within. I am centered and I feel whole. I can see the light and the dark right next to each other. I live in the feeling of LOVE, abundance, and infinite possibilities, while embracing the pain and the sadness. I am still deep in this process, but am called to help others through my direct experience. 


A New Kind of Change Making Energy

One of the realizations I had through this journey is that I have always been a hard worker and an
achiever. I left my house at 17, put myself through college and graduate school, and have been
supporting myself ever since. I achieved things as an insecure poor kid that I never thought were
possible based on my circumstances. Even though I was happy for many parts of my adult life, there was a different energy propelling me. It was anger, resentment, pain, and bitterness. Now my energy has shifted. I am no longer fighting against myself or a system. I am rather, finding that powerful inner Truth, following its direction, and finding flow. The creation of David K Richards Coaching is coming from my highest self. My soul is here to teach and to serve. I am on this planet to serve others – to help them see their greatest gifts. This has always been my purpose. When I am most awake, this is clear as day. And with this clarity, I am called to help leaders
and individuals transform and evolve. I am scared to put myself out there, but I know that life takes off on the other side of fear. It is my honor to attract others who are ready to evolve and grow to their highest self. Are you ready? If so, reach out, and let’s do this! To learn more about my professional experience, click here.