It is time to ignite a Conscious Education Revolution through a heart and learner centered movement.

It is time to ignite a Conscious Education Revolution through a heart and learner centered movement.

Our school system needs to change. Our world is undergoing a transformative shift. We are seeing our 20th century institutions start to decay and the change is happening rapidly, and will dramatically shift what our students need to be successful in the future. 

We are moving from hierarchical organizations that focus on command and control to horizontal and decentralized networks, from hidden information to transparent information at your fingertips, from finding someone to follow or believe in to believing in your innate unlimited power. All of this will be supported by the next wave of technology with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and new technologies that haven’t even been created yet. 

We are all already seeing this world today. We can’t wait 20 more years to start educating our students differently. The future is here today. A  heart and learner centered movement needs to create a wave of reform and shine brightly on the possibilities of these types of schools. 

Let’s break down learner centered. Children are beautiful beings. They open hearted and are vulnerable, loving, and full of joy. We need a system that unequivocally allows for children to stay in their heart center. A heart centered school encourages children to play with heart, and stay in their essence of joy and love. They have a strong intuition and know how to be in the moment. They love to play and explore. This movement will start with schools that believe deeply in each and every child as a sovereign being with big hearts. This means students, teachers, families, school leadership are all making decisions based on the heart. The essence of children is preserved and LOVE leads the way. This heart centered approach should be the essence of everything at schools. From there we support it with a learner centered approach.

Learner centered is the future. The future will be about becoming a leader of yourself. You will no longer need to believe that the answers are on the outside as it is all within. Learners will need to create and think for themselves. Creativity , empathy, and curiosity will be the most valued skills. Those that can trust their intuition, know that all of the power is within, will be able to unleash creative and innovative ideas to solve complex problems. In order to prepare learners that can succeed in this environment, our schools need to be centered on students working on creating not consuming. The need for collaboration and connection will be imperative. With technology performing routinized tasks, people will need to stay connected to humanity and bring heart to the work. Children need to be self-directed and have the freedom to make choices and have ownership over their path and pace of learning. Adults need to believe that every child has an innate curiosity and an inner greatness that is waiting to be ignited. The role of the adults is to guide and facilitate the learner’s journey, not to direct and control it. 

I have seen schools that do this amazingly well. Some are private and some are public. It is absolutely possible. My goal is to work with as many of these beacons of hope models across the world and shine the light on them, so that others can do the same in their communities. As I engage and meet with all of these change makers, we will build out a community of like-minded reformers. Ultimately, I envision an online community that is deeply connected around creating small and big changes in their communities and schools. Technology enables this to be a global movement. Parents in South Africa can connect with parents in South Dakota and share tools, resources, and support for what is moving the needle for more heart and learner centered schools across the world. Teachers in San Francisco can connect with teachers in Ireland and share how they are bringing a heart and learner centered approach to their schools. This will not be a 20th century style top down movement. We need to live and breathe in the change that is coming. This will be a force that ultimately influences the policy makers like any grassroots social movement from the bottom up. We are going to change our education system, one student, one parent, one caretaker, one school, one community, one state, and one country at a time. We are just getting started, and would love you to be a part of it. There is no time to waste for our children. Check out and join the Conscious Education Revolution.