Why I named my business David K Richards Coaching

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

It is very simple. I have spent most of my life hiding. The thought of naming a business after myself was terrifying to me.

But that old me died. I stopped believing the criticism and the insults from the outside. I began to feel the inner wisdom that has always been with me. I started listening to my body and my intuition to find my own Truth.

I am writing this post while in New York City listening to Tony Gonzalez being interviewed by Lewis Howes on the School of Greatness podcast. Tony shared his belief that life takes off on the other side of fear. So, I knew I had to do it. I could have picked another name as my life has always been about serving others. But I realized that my fear of stepping out, showing up, and being vulnerable had to be conquered. And, if you have a fear of being seen, there is nothing better than creating a whole business with your name on it! It also helped that Davidkrichards.com was available as a domain name.

This will never be about me. That is just not my style. But I have to learn to embrace myself and all of my holes. I have to love myself. I know that the more I can do that I will be even more powerful and serve my greatest purpose of serving others.

My mind chatters that I should change the name, or that this doesn’t fit the grand vision of education reform that I am dreaming about.

But then… I remember that life is to be lived in the moment. And, that fear is my ego freaking out that something might happen to me if I lean in and take a risk. So, I take a deep breath and connect with the inner presence that tells me to calm the f*** down and follow my Truth!

For now, the name is staying. Hope you enjoy the David K Richards website. Whoa. OK. Still trying this on for size.