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1:1, small group coaching & consulting for educators to reconnect, refuel & get re-inspired so you can lead from a place of strength.

Educational Consulting

David is a 20-year veteran of the education space here to  help you drive your educational vision forward.

David has seen schools and education reform from many angles. From launching innovative middle and high schools with Summit Schools to Growth Public Schools (a K-8 school he founded in 2017), David is passionate about sharing his experiences (and lessons learned the hard way) with other leaders and entrepreneurs with a bold vision for transforming the education sector. He is also passionate about supporting other equity-focused and outcomes-driven organizational leaders and schools. 

Whether you have a creative idea to create a new school that pushes on the status quo, need strategic leadership and organizational advice, or are looking to transform your school culture, David is excited to talk with you. 

David specializes in 1) Innovative School packages, 2) Strategic Leadership and Organizational Support, 3) Culture Support and Organizational Development and 4) Executive Coaching and Leadership Development.

Examples of services:

  • School design 
  • Project mapping 
  • Vision, strategy and values advice
  • Leadership support 
  • Integrating your BIG VISION with a strong project management plan 
  • Board development 
  • Strategic visioning 
  • Deep dive sessions on strategy, goals, and implementation 
  • Hiring and Talent (inc. attracting, developing and retaining your people) 
  • Culture visioning 
  • Turnaround projects 
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What's your BIG, bold vision for leading educational change in your community?

Coaching for School Principals

David’s 1-1 Principal Coaching program is tailored to meet you exactly where you are on your educational leadership journey. Using the seasonal nature of school leadership as a backdrop, David’s approach is flexible, allowing space to be responsive to your daily (and sometimes urgent) needs. 

David guides newer principals through the strategic nuts and bolts of school leadership and introduces you to mindful self-leadership, a practice that can make or break the success and longevity of a school leader. 

David also helps more experienced principals rediscover the passion that drew you to education in the first place. He can help you with the strategy, nuts and bolts of mindful self-leadership. 

Wherever you are on the journey, David is here to help you stay connected to your purpose and sense of joy in the most essential work of educating young people. 

Sample features of David’s Principal Coaching:

  • Vision and strategy “step back” sessions
  • Guidance on the seasonal structure of working in schools so you can stay on top of planning and execution cycles
  • Values clarification exercises
  • Support developing your personal leadership style
  • Exercises to examine belief systems to uncover how your own struggles could be contributing to challenges at your school
  • Deep non-judgmental listening and safety
  • 24/7 email access
1-1 School Principal Coaching

You'll Walk Away With

  • Greater self-awareness Elevating your perspective to discern when you are leading from your ego vs. essence and seeing when/how your mood and blocks are affecting others 
  • Readiness to take responsibility for your actions
  • Stronger communication skills Ability to set boundaries with love while maintaining high expectations
  • Ability to manage your energy (mind, body, and spirit) Knowing how to flow through your day so you have energy to stay in your zone of genius
  • Willingness to go slow to go fast Leading from a place of calm, and clear strength
  • Practices to love yourself Broadening your compassion to show care and love for all of the people in your care
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With 20 years in the education space, David has seen it all

Educational Leaders Mastermind

Navigating Change by Leading from Within

In this semester-long Mastermind for educational leaders, you’ll learn an inside-out approach to educational leadership while building a community of visionary and supportive peers. You’ll develop new practices to replace the old patterns that you may not have realized leave you feeling depleted or in a negative spin cycle on a regular basis.

As you incorporate these new tools into your daily life, you will discover they have multiple applications that can also support stronger relationships and more effective collaboration with the students, teachers, and parents in your organization or school community that align with the new model of leadership needed for a post-COVID era.

Through his own journey to recalibrate from 15 years as an over-extended educational leader, David has learned to use intuition to lead from his heart. With a focus on mindfulness and self care practices, David will guide you through multiple guided processes and exercises to deconstruct the stories and beliefs that may be holding you back in your work and personal life. This will in turn empower you to step more boldly into the infinite possibilities for transforming your entire school community

What’s included:

  • 16 weekly, live 75-minute interactive sessions 
  • One 60-minute coaching session
  • 24/7 access to a safe, confidential community of like-minded educators (including Telegram)
  • Voice memo access to David
  • Daily “Mindful messages” for the first 30 days
Education Warriors Mastermind

You'll Walk Away With

  • Greater capacity to trust yourself and your “leader gut” (intuition)
  • A deeper capacity to access your self-awareness and assess where you’re coming from as a leader in any given moment
  • A deeper understanding of your unique gifts and how they can support you in leading from a place of strength and love
  • A bank of self care practices tailored to your unique style and needs
  • An understanding of when your triggers are affecting your capacity to lead effectively
  • New tools for navigating the storms of life without falling off your center
  • Access to a like-minded community of educational leaders who hold space for you and help you stay connected to the best version of yourself
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