Mindful Leadership

1-1 coaching and Inner GPS course for executives, empaths and everything in-between so you can live and lead aligned.

Navigating Your Inner GPS Course

Whether you run a business, lead a team or are a student of life, understanding how your inner guidance system works is essential. In this self-paced course, you will learn simple, effective practices to tune into your intuitive guidance system in daily life.

In a culture that tells us we should seek answers to questions about life and leadership in the outside world, it can feel impossible to connect with your internal guidance system--your inner GPS. In this course, you will be guided back inside, to the boundless, infinite sense of abundance that can be reached through your intuition.

In this course you will receive:

  • 10 Instructional Videos You Can Access Any Time
  • Guided Meditations With Journal Prompts
  • Access To A Vibrant, Like-Minded Online Community
  • A Lifetime Connection To Your Inner GPS (priceless)
Navigating Your Inner GPS

You'll Walk Away With

  • Knowledge of how to access to your voice of wisdom within
  • An understanding of the difference between fear and intuition
  • Trust in your inner guidance system
  • Practical steps to help you lead in freedom and flow
  • Tools for accessing internal stillness amidst the chaos of everyday life
  • Processes for creating inner neutrality so you can lead in deeper presence
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1-1 Coaching

For the past 20+ years, seeing the inherent good in others has fueled my teaching and coaching work with students, educators, leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and parents. The steady in my work is that I use my natural gifts of deep listening, intuition, and holding safe spaces to guide people to discover the passion and vision inside that longs to be expressed.

Coaching feels as natural to me as the air we breathe. My style is warm yet rigorous, intuitive yet direct, and I blend masculine and feminine principles, giving you space to process at your own pace while inviting you to stay focused on concrete action toward meeting your purpose and goals.

  • A Supportive, Non-Judgmental Space To Be Seen And Heard
  • Questions That Guide You To Your Innate Wisdom
  • Frameworks To Help You Clarify Your Goals
  • Support Navigating Through Energetic Blocks
  • Exercises To Help You Cultivate Mindfulness
  • Deep Listening To Invite Clarity Around Purposeful Action
1:1 Coaching with David K. Richards

You'll Walk Away With

  • TRUST in your own capacity to create change from the inside out Contrary to popular belief, everything we need is right here, within
  • Greater clarity about your values and priorities We’ll break things down into bite-size pieces to help move you toward greater internal alignment
  • Renewed enthusiasm for making a positive impact in your life and work The potential for doing good is infinite - the big question: where do I begin?
  • Ease around decision making in your daily life There is a place of calm in the middle of the storm where everything flows
  • Less judgment toward yourself and others Sometimes we are the biggest thing standing between us and our greatest potential
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Your voice is beautiful and unique. But sometimes you stay silent.