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Inner Sangha: An intimate community of changemakers ready to take your gifts to the next level of service.

Intro to Inner Sangha

In this four-part self-paced course co-facilitated by David and Staci Mehas-Lewanksi, you will be energized and inspired to re-connect to the most vibrant parts of yourself you may have forgotten you even had!

Using powerful music as the backdrop, David and Staci provide a unique take on the mindfulness teachings, offering reflective journaling exercises and guided meditations to introduce you to practices that get you into present moment awareness (and your body).

You'll be guided through the initial process of getting to know your  “Inner Sangha” members (sometimes called our inner children), the unique energies and patterns within each of us that make us who we are today. Like a family of origin with multiple personalities and preferences that must find a way to peacefully coexist, our lifelong pursuit is to learn to live harmoniously with all members of our Inner Sangha so we can thrive.

This course is a great way to help you decide if the Inner Sangha Mastermind is a fit for you.

In this course, you'll receive: 

  • Inner Sangha Members intro lesson and self-inquiry questions
  • Lens of Awareness intro lesson and self-inquiry questions
  • STRONGHOLD intro lesson and self-inquiry questions
  • Meditation Guide: 33 Days of Awareness
  • Two Guided Meditations
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You'll Walk Away With

  • How your true self is pulling you toward a more open lens
  • How to create more space and less suffering
  • Where your view gets skewed and limited, and where you can expand the view
  • Simple steps you can take to come back to the here and now
  • How the peace you seek “out there” is who you already are
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Why not follow your intuitive tug to find another way?

Inner Sangha Mastermind

The six-month Inner Sangha Mastermind, co-facilitated by David and Staci Mehas-Lewanski, brings curious, introspective people like you together in an intimate community that’s all about getting real, raw and vulnerable.

With daily interaction that includes discussion, reflection and accountability practices designed to help you go DEEP within, the Inner Sangha teaches you to embody the practices of conscious living amidst the real ups and downs of daily life. If you yearn for a deeper experience in community with others who can help you take your gifts to the next level of service, the Inner Sangha is definitely for you.

Participating in this immersive experience will connect to your innate wisdom, help you break out of old patterns that no longer serve you, give you the freedom to discover your unique gifts, and foster greater clarity and ease.

In this Mastermind, you’ll receive:

  • 24 Weekly Live, 1.5 Hour Interactive Sessions
  • One 90-Minute 2:1 Coaching Session with David and Staci
  • Daily “Ignitor Rev Up" Messages for the First 60 Days
  • Voice Memo Access to David and Staci
  • 24/7 Access to an Intimate Group for Real Time Feedback and Encouragement
  • Program Renewal Option (for Second 6-Month Mastermind)
  • Access to Inner Sangha Membership Collective (After 12 Months)
Inner Sangha Mastermind - David K. Richards & Staci Mehas-Lewanski

You'll Walk Away With

  • Ego vs. Essence A key tenet of the Inner Sangha is learning about ego vs. essence (also referred to as the false vs. authentic self, or in the Inner Sangha the muck boat vs. the flow boat). Through guided exercises and group discussions, you will develop the capacity to recognize when you are in ego vs. essence, and to see the power of false (egoic) illusions of self in daily life.
  • Present Moment Awareness As children, we live in the present moment, naturally staying in a state of bliss and play. Over time, however, social conventions and family of origin dynamics teach us to sever from this present moment awareness. The learned practice of staying in the present moment is a simple yet profound way to calm the nervous system. David and Staci will support you as you re-build this muscle for your everyday life.
  • Following Your Intuition We are conditioned to believe we should seek answers on the outside. Through the Inner Sangha experience, you will be guided back inside, to the boundless, unchanging, infinite, abundant you, which can be reached through your intuition. You will get to know the voice and feeling of your intuition, practice following your intuitive tugs, learn to trust your highest self, and develop the muscle of awareness so you make choices that align with your well being in daily life.
  • Inner Sangha Members Our Inner Sangha members (sometimes referred to as our inner children) are the uniquely adapted energies and patterns within us that make us who we are today. Like a family of origin with multiple personalities and preferences that must find a way to peacefully coexist, our lifelong pursuit is to learn to live harmoniously with all members of our Inner Sangha so we can thrive. During the Inner Sangha, you will learn to identify the different parts of yourself. You will also be guided through self-compassion processes with a focus on showering the “difficult” members of your Inner Sangha (that you may be inclined to cast off) with immense love, shining the light of pure awareness on them so they feel seen and heard and loved. Over time and with steady practice, you will see the resistance to these qualities begin to dissipate.
  • Healing Power of the Sangha We all experience the conflict between the false and essential self, and we need support to stay in our highest self. That is why offering a sacred space to spend time in community is vital to the Inner Sangha experience. Within the group, you can feel safe to clear the blocks that have been preventing energy from flowing freely through you.
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