Work With Me

We all have a calling. Each of us has an inner greatness that is waiting to be unleashed. My life calling is to help others ignite their greatest selves. The time is now.

When I am in flow, I am using my intuition to coach leaders and individuals to help them unleash the best version of themselves, teaching workshops, or speaking to crowds to help them rise.
Here is an overview of the services I offer:

I have a gift of intuitively understanding what you need, and holding a space for you to openly share and ultimately transform. My coaching services are tailored to the needs of each individual. I specialize in personal development coaching and leadership coaching. If you are seeking a life of purpose, striving to become a leader, or to improve your leadership skills, I am here to serve you.

The following packages are available
3 – 60 Minute Sessions – $600
6 – 60 Minute Sessions – $1100
12 – 60 Minute Sessions – $2100*
*Best Value as packages are based on a $175 hourly coaching rate. 
To request an initial complimentary 30 minute consultation or for more information about coaching with me click on Book David.

As an experienced educator, I have been leading workshops for groups of all ages for more than 20 years. I am highly skilled in creating engaging and authentic workshops for small and large groups. Here is a sampling of the types of workshops I teach.

  • Unleashing your soul’s purpose

  • Leadership for the next stage of our conscious evolution

  • A new vision of fatherhood: being the man we are meant to be for our children


Speaking Engagements
I have spoken in schools, corporate environments, and for universities and non-profits. I would love to hear how I can serve your needs as a speaker. I typically speak about the following, but am open to discuss your needs, and what works best.

  • Bringing out your best self

  • The future of leadership

  • The future of schools


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