The Inner Sangha

12-week Intimate Group Intensive for
Intuitive Alignment

Do you aspire to use your gifts but struggle to silence the incessant chatter in your head?

Do you seek to reconcile conflicting parts of yourself so you can enjoy greater inner harmony?

Do you long for a deeper connection in community with others who share your desire to go below the surface?
If you know your life has purpose but find you get stuck repeating tired stories and past experiences that end up running the show, join the waitlist to be notified when registration opens for our next Inner Sangha.

What is the Inner Sangha?

The Inner Sangha “Master” Heart Intensive is an intimate 12-week $3000 program that brings people like you together in an intimate setting that’s all about getting real, raw, and vulnerable. With daily interaction that includes discussion, reflection, and accountability practices designed to help you go DEEP within, the Inner Sangha teaches you to embody the practices of conscious living amidst the real ups and downs of daily life. If you are already serving humanity but yearn for a deeper experience in community with others who can help you take your gifts to the next level of service, the Inner Sangha is definitely for you.

Participating in this immersive experience will connect to your innate wisdom, help you break out of old patterns that no longer serve you, give you the freedom to discover your unique gifts, and foster greater clarity and ease.

Join the waitlist now to get out of your own way and shine your highest light in the world. The next group convenes in August of 2021.

What You’ll Learn

Ego vs. Essence
A key tenet of the Inner Sangha is learning about ego vs. essence (also referred to as the false vs. authentic self, or in the Inner Sangha the muck boat vs. the flow boat). Through guided exercises and group discussions, you will develop the capacity to recognize when you are in ego vs. essence, and to see the power of false (egoic) illusions of self in daily life.
Present Moment Awareness
As children, we live in the present moment, naturally staying in a state of bliss and play. Over time, however, social conventions and family of origin dynamics teach us to sever from this present moment awareness. The learned practice of staying in the present moment is a simple yet profound way to calm the nervous system. David and Staci will support you as you re-build this muscle for your everyday life.
Following Your Intuition
We are conditioned to believe we should seek answers on the outside. Through the Inner Sangha experience, you will be guided back inside, to the boundless, unchanging, infinite, abundant you, which can be reached through your intuition. You will get to know the voice and feeling of your intuition, practice following your intuitive tugs, learn to trust your highest self, and develop the muscle of awareness so you make choices that align with your well being in daily life.
Inner Sangha Members
Our Inner Sangha members (sometimes referred to as our inner children) are the uniquely adapted energies and patterns within us that make us who we are today. Like a family of origin with multiple personalities and preferences that must find a way to peacefully coexist, our lifelong pursuit is to learn to live harmoniously with all members of our Inner Sangha so we can thrive. During the Inner Sangha, you will learn to identify the different parts of yourself. You will also be guided through self-compassion processes with a focus on showering the “difficult” members of your Inner Sangha (that you may be inclined to cast off) with immense love, shining the light of pure awareness on them so they feel seen and heard and loved. Over time and with steady practice, you will see the resistance to these qualities begin to dissipate.
Healing Power of the Sangha
We all experience the conflict between the false and essential self, and we need support to stay in our highest self. That is why offering a sacred space to spend time in community is vital to the Inner Sangha experience. Within the group, you can feel safe to clear the blocks that have been preventing energy from flowing freely through you.

What’s Included

12 weekly live, 1.5-2 hour interactive sessions
one 90-minute 2:1 coaching session with David and staci
Daily ignitor "rev Up" messages for the first 60 days
once a week back and forth voice memo access to david and staci
24/7 access to an intimate group for real time feedback and encouragement
Option to renew program for up to 12 months to deepen community

Listen To Participant Stories

What You’ll Walk Away With

An understanding of the key concepts of the Inner Sangha and how to identify ego vs. essence.

Daily practices to teach you to see your life through the lens of abundance.

Awareness of the voice of your intuition and how to interpret messages in your daily life.

An understanding of how to use meditation as a tool to step into present moment awareness.

Access to a new network of like-minded spiritual seekers eager to grow and learn together.

Meet Your Guides

David K Richards

David is the Founder and CEO of Heart of the Matter and Founder of Growth Public Schools. He has been a teacher and healer his entire life. The labels and titles come and go, but what is constant is that he is an intuitive guide who is here to serve humanity, and his life’s purpose is to guide people back to their highest light.

Staci Mehas Lewanski

Staci is the Founder of The Elevated Frequency, Women’s Wisdom Within and Staci With an Eye. She has been coaching, mentoring, doing public speaking, motivating, and inspiring people--especially leaders--for most of her working life. In recent years Staci has shifted her life focus from empowering 1000’s of women in a direct sales director/coaching role, to a life coach, guiding leaders who serve humanity.

Past Participants Stories

Through this transformative experience I have gotten to know all the parts of myself, including both the parts that take me in and out of alignment with myself. I’ve learned not to judge the difficult parts, but to observe them when they come and work to shift from ego to soul. The other beautiful part of this process has been the community. In this community I have shown up in my raw, natural state and been seen and heard; it has been just flawless. The community has supported me and validated me because they are a mirror, reflecting back to me what I already know I am. That is so reassuring and it has been an amazing gift.
Nafsheen Luhar
Visual artist, transformational speaker, healer, creator, and coach
I had already done many years of inner work and have been on my spiritual journey practically since I was born but still found many valuable opportunities to go deeper and learn more in a supported and loving community.
Barby Jimenez
Parenting Coach
David and Staci guide us with practical tools and universal wisdom to help us connect with and uncover a higher version of ourselves. We are learning to observe and calm familiar emotions, to release ourselves from old patterns, and to see infinite possibilities when we listen to our intuition and stay in present moment awareness. In just a couple of months, I've experienced moving, powerful, and life-changing results. Learn how to shine your light!
Joy Meserve
COO, iD Tech
David and Staci are both genuine souls who walk their talk and are deeply committed to raise consciousness.
Herky Chopra
Life Coach

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