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What Is The Inner Sangha?

The Inner Sangha, our new mastermind, “master heart” program -- a $3,000, 3-month intensive -- is designed as a safe, supportive space where spiritual seekers like you can come together to shine your highest light in the world. It includes daily interaction with an intimate group of lightworkers, healers and changemakers who are going within to strengthen their capacity to serve. If you are already serving humanity but yearn for a deeper experience and connection with others who can help you take your gifts to the next level of service, the Inner Sangha is definitely for you.

What participants are saying

Key Pillars of this Sangha

Two key pillars are at the heart of this experience:

1) Getting to know the members of your Inner Sangha--the uniquely adapted energies and patterns within you that make up the person you are today

2) Building your “Outer Sangha”--the supportive, loving, nonjudgmental community (ie, your Inner Sangha peers) that provides the rich soil for you to flourish. This connects us to our own innate wisdom, helps us break out of old patterns that no longer serve us, gives us the freedom to discover our unique gifts, and fosters greater clarity and ease.

Meet Your Guides

David K Richards

David is the Founder and CEO of Heart of the Matter and Growth Public Schools. He has been a teacher and healer his entire life. The labels and titles come and go, but what is constant is that he is an intuitive guide who is here to serve humanity, and his life’s purpose is to guide people back to their highest light.

Staci Mehas Lewanski

Staci is the Founder of The Elevated Frequency, Women’s Wisdom Within and Staci With an Eye. She has been coaching, mentoring, doing public speaking, motivating, and inspiring people--especially leaders--for most of her working life. In recent years Staci has shifted her life focus from empowering 1000’s of women in a direct sales director/coaching role, to a life coach, guiding leaders who serve humanity.

More About the Sangha

Week 1

Finding the Flow Boat

Week 2

Being Who You Truly Are

Week 3

Taking Your Life to the Next Level

Week 4

Releasing the Stronghold and Density

Week 5

Seamless Manifestation

Week 6

Knowing Your Inner Sangha Members

Week 7

Staying in Pure Awareness

Week 8

Embracing Light And Dark As One


Week 9-12

Intuitive Guidance For You

After getting to know the essence of each individual and the collective group during weeks 1-8, in weeks 9-12 David and Staci offer a highly curated experience designed to meet the specific needs of each member of  this Inner Sangha. You will also receive intuitive guidance on areas where you can continue unblocking your growth to accelerate your healing and take  you to the next level on your conscious journey.
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Our Past Sangha Members

David & Staci are both genuine souls who walk their talk and are deeply committed to raise consciousness.
Herky Chopra, Life Coach
I had already done many years of inner work and have been on my spiritual journey practically since I was born but still found many valuable opportunities to go deeper and learn more in a supported and loving community.
Barby Jimenez, Parenting Coach
I am beyond amazed at Staci & David's ability to guide, connect & relate to my essence. They are two spiritual wizards, who have helped me during my stressful moments!
Goly Emam, MA, RCC, CHT
Clinical Counselor and Hypnotherapist
In a very short time, David and Staci helped me see that the source of my stress was coming from ego and old stories and patterns that I was unconsciously living out. I now have an internal process that allows me to transform stress and triggers to calm, love and peace.
Annie Joseph, Co-Founder, BLA (Beyond Limits Academy)
Inner Sangha has been, hands down, one of the most transformative programs that I have been a part of. In my career and personal life, I support and hold space for others. It was mind-blowing and heart- expanding to allow myself to be supported by our inner sangha group. It was an experience that I never had before in my life. The safety and support created together allowed for an exponential growth in all of us. I couldn't have predicted the depth and growth over the last 12 weeks.
Amanda Votto, PA-C, MBSR, MSC Mindfulness Instructor, Coach & Speaker
For anybody thinking of signing up [for the Inner Sangha] with these two lovely beautiful souls, know that you are not signing up for a program that you may have thought about in the past. You're really signing up for a new way of being, a new way of creating, a new way of showing up in your life that just transforms your life.
Carol Passmore, The Joyful Parent Coach

What's Installed For You:

One 90 minute 2:1 coaching session with David and Staci

Daily ignitor “rev up” messages for 60 days straight

Once a week back and forth voice memo (Voxer) access to David and Staci for personalized support and guidance

Access to a Telegram group with other leaders

Access to an intimate, committed group of leaders, healers, and entrepreneurs who provide real-time feedback and encouragement

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What if you could see exactly what’s holding you back from the freest version of yourself? We will guide you to shine the light on pure awareness in every aspect of your life. We only ask that you show up ALL IN to do the work with us. If you are ready, apply now.
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