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Inner GPS

Month-long course to access your innate wisdom using intuition

Inner Sangha

12-week intimate group intensive for intuitive alignment


Direct, individualized support and 1:1 coaching from David

Men's Group

Monthly group for authentic connection and support

Re-Imagine School

Building a learner and heart-centered revolution for all

About David

I use my traumatic life experiences and education background to fuel my life’s work as a teacher, learning visionary, intuitive leader, and coach. I help people just like you overcome self-limiting beliefs so you can rewrite your story through the lens of abundance and love. I have spent the last 20 years bringing people’s greatest gifts to light in roles as teacher, special education consultant, principal, CEO, and board member in public schools, private schools, international schools, and other community settings. I am also proud to have been instrumental in opening 10 innovative schools across California that are transforming the way we view education.
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What Industry Leaders Say About David

David Richards is a gifted teacher, leader, educator, intuitive and coach. He has skillfully been able to translate the success in his own journey to help others transform and step into the best version of themselves. I have witnessed David’s transformative journey. He has opened up to his intuitive gifts through his own healing process. David takes what he has learned and generously shares it with others to help support them on their own journey to open to their own gifts as leaders, intuitives and teachers. I can confidently recommend David and his programs to anyone looking to grow into the person they knew they were always meant to be. David will support you along the way with his full presence, attentiveness and support.
Janet Philbin,
Author of, Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth
David is one of the most caring, smartest and talented entrepreneurs I have had the privilege to work with. He is an action- and empathy-driven leader with a high level purpose: to help changemakers turn dreams into reality. And he is not just making a difference; he is walking his talk every single day. I highly respect David as a magnificent human being and professional and I highly recommend working with him.
Catherine B. Roy,
Business and Personal Growth Coach Specializing in Helping Coaches, Consultants, Business Owners
and Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses Online
We originally connected as empaths and leaders in education who see the world not for what it is now, but for what it can be. David has an uncanny ability to lead from a place of love while also being direct and sharing truths that he intuitively knows you need to hear. David has grown over the years, but his natural ability as a teacher, motivator, and someone who cares deeply about the people in his community has been a constant.
Todd Dickson,
Founder and CEO, Valor Collegiate Academies
David is a force. When I met him, from the very first interaction I knew he was powerful, special, and I had to work with him. His unique spiritual and pragmatic approach to solving problems pair well with his deep technical knowledge and experience in leadership. Whenever we work together, I have the confidence that what he creates will be highly impactful and filled with passion. If you've come across his path and you're on the fence about whether to work with him or not, one conversation is enough for you to make up your mind.
Paul Stennett,
CEO and Podcast Coach, Amazing Gains

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A Conscious Way Forward Podcast

A Conscious Way Forward is a podcast for the healers, leaders, learners, seekers, paradigm shifters and dreamers. I am on a mission to help individuals rise in consciousness and envision a new paradigm for healing, leading and learning. I get to the heart of the matter with healing, reimagining leadership, and reinventing school. I share my conscious journey and transformation as a Founder & CEO, education reformer, life coach, and dad-preneur.