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Wise Warrior Educator: Mindset Wellness & Excellence Program

This is a program for educators that want to reignite the flame that brought them into education in the first place.

This program was born from David's experience of working with amazing educators like you who believe deeply in your individual and collective mission to serve young people, and thus you strive to level up and be the best for your community. And... you still need support to reach your audacious goals.

This program supports exceptional educators who want to leverage the power of a wellness and excellence mindset as a catalyst for greatness, and know that the more you focus on your own growth, the better you are with your community.

We meet monthly to work around your busy schedule. During the weeks when we are not meeting, there will be simple and short videos and excercises that you can do to apply the monthly concepts.

Concepts we will cover include: 

  • Live in Your Why
  • Self Leadership
  • Manage Yourself / Manage Your Mindset
  • Master Your Mindset to Be the Best Version of YOU
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Create a Productive Mindset for Agency and Ownership
  • Befriending Your Inner Critic
  • Observing Your Thoughts
  • Not Letting Your Thoughts Take You Down
  • Leading From Your Heart
  • Trusting Yourself
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Are you ready to embody a mindset of excellence to be the best version of you for your educational community? 

1-1 Coaching

David's 1-1 coaching is transformative. He shares the lessons he has learned from his inner growth journey and gives you tailored support to implement actionable and transformative practices immediately in your daily life.

Most importantly, he holds a mirror to help you see the greatness you are ready to unlock within yourself.

David shares his own practices for embodying a successful mindset, living well, and creating lasting change in your life.

He incorporates his 25 plus years of coaching individuals with his own personal experience of transforming his own life to lead with love, live in flow, while creating lasting impact.

Sample features of David’s Coaching:

  • A Supportive, non-judgmental space to be seen and heard
  • Questions that guide you to your innate wisdom
  • Frameworks to help you clarify your goals
  • Exercises to see your limiting beliefs and how your mindset is holding you back
  • Deep listening to invite clarity around purposeful action
  • Effective strategies to change your life immediately
  • 24/7 email access
1-1 School Principal Coaching

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The Wise Warrior Mastermind: Mindset Wellness & Excellence

Mastering your mindset in community to become the best version of you

In this Mastermind, you’ll learn how to master your mindset to live in freedom and flow, and ultimately make your dreams a reality. You do this with a community of dreamers and changemakers. You’ll develop new practices to replace the old patterns that you may not have realized leave you feeling depleted or in a negative spin cycle on a regular basis.

As you incorporate these new tools into your daily life, you will discover they have multiple applications that can also support stronger relationships and feeling better in your day to day life.

Through his own journey to recalibrate from years as an over-extended changemaker, David has learned to use daily practices to live and lead with a powerful mindset of abundance and self love. With a focus on mindset, wellness, and self excellence, David will guide you through multiple processes and exercises to deconstruct the stories and beliefs that may be holding you back in your work and personal life. This will in turn empower you to step more boldly into the infinite possibilities for transforming yourself.

What’s included:

  • 12 weekly, live 60-minute interactive sessions 
  • One 60-minute coaching session
  • Regular access to a safe, confidential community of like-minded people (via app)
  • Voice memo access to David
  • 3 times per week “mindset messages”
Education Warriors Mastermind

  • Greater capacity to shift your mindset, trust yourself and follow your truth
  • A deeper capacity to access your self-awareness and mindset to assess where you’re coming from in any given moment
  • A deeper understanding of your unique gifts and how they can support you in leading from a place of strength and love
  • A bank of mindset tools and practices tailored to your unique style and needs
  • An understanding of what holds you back and keeps you from being the best version of you
  • Support to apply the teachings daily to help you get clear on how to live as the best version of you
  • Access to a like-minded community who holds space for you and help you stay connected to the best version of yourself
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Are you ready to master your mindset to unleash the wise warrior within?