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Support to launch a school or other educational consulting needs

Educational Consulting

David is a 25-year veteran of the education space here to help you drive your educational vision forward.

David has seen schools and education reform from many angles. From launching innovative middle and high schools with Summit Schools to Growth Public Schools (a K-8 school he founded in 2017), David is passionate about sharing his experiences (and lessons learned the hard way) with other leaders and entrepreneurs with a bold vision for transforming the education sector. He is also passionate about supporting other equity-focused and outcomes-driven organizational leaders and schools.

Whether you have a creative idea to create a new school that pushes on the status quo, need strategic leadership and organizational advice, or are looking to transform your school culture, David is excited to talk with you.

David specializes in 1) Innovative School packages, 2) Strategic Leadership and Organizational Support, 3) Culture Support and Organizational Development 4) Executive Coaching and Leadership Development, and 5) Meeting Facilitation.

Examples of services:

  • Board Development & Support
  • Culture Support
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Integrating Your BiG ViSION with a Strong Plan
  • Hiring and Talent Management
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Launch a New School

Mary Jo and I launched the 1000 Schools Movement because we envision 1000 schools across the world embodying the belief that children are at the center of learning, and the outdated factory model of education is being disrupted–with love. 

With our combined experience of working in traditional public education, and leaving to create change for communities on the ground–Mary Jo through launching a micro school in South Dakota and David launching innovative charter schools, we are merging our passion and experience to offer programs and services to communities who want to start their own school. 

  • Tailored Support wherever you are in your journey
  • Coaching sessions with David and/or Mary Jo
  • Vital resources to launch your school
  • Voice Memo Access to David and Mary Jo
  • Personalized support to determine your school model
  • Accountability and direction from David & Mary Jo
  • Tried & true practices to make your dream a reality
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