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Calling all educators, leaders, learners, paradigm shifters and dreamers

When was the last time you let yourself dream about doing life differently?

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Your host David K Richards is on a mission to get to the heart of the matter and envision a new paradigm for  leading, living and learning.  

He shares his conscious journey and transformation as a Founder & CEO, education reformer, life coach, and dad-preneur. You will see the big picture with him while also getting practical and easy-to-understand tips and strategies to change your life. David tells engaging and entertaining stories about life, leadership, his journey to reform education, parenting ups and downs, and how he healed from his traumatic childhood to achieve success.

He also engages in deep conversations with others that have walked the intuitive path like him. If you are interested in coming home to your soul’s purpose, reimagining leadership, reinventing schools, and healing forward together this is the podcast for you.



Conscious Leadership and Bringing Your Whole Self to the Table:

In this episode, David talks with Sarah Hawley. In her recently published book, Conscious Leadership: A Journey from Ego to Heart, Sarah shares how she has ditched mainstream expectations for leadership and done deep inner work to connect with her unique way of leading. In the interview, Sarah also shares candidly about her struggles with anxiety and depression, hitting rock bottom, and learning to climb back up to a life of renewed purpose. A serial entrepreneur and investor, Sarah is in the early stages of developing Growmotely, a company that uses culture to match skilled professionals with growing companies offering long-term remote jobs. This interview is authentic and full of insights.

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Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Work and the Spiral of Healing

In this episode, Janet Philbin,L(CSW-R, ACSW) breaks down the concept of the inner child and its role in her hypnotherapy practice. She also shares about the spiral of healing, a key concept in her new book, Show Up For Yourself: A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth. Her honest dialogue with David helps breaks down the fears many people have around hypnotherapy as a path to healing.

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Communication as Transformation: A Conversation with Encouragement Expert Dwight Taylor, Sr.

Today’s guest is Dwight Taylor, Sr., a TEDX Speaker, #1 Amazon bestselling author and international professional communicator endorsed by the legend of motivation Les Brown. An educational consultant and certified transformational coach, improving the culture and climate of groups, organizations and companies is a high priority in Dwight's work. Dwight is also passionate about education, currently serving on the Board of Directors at Growth Public School, the tuition-free charter school David founded.

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Integrating Individual and Collective Parenting Systems: Raising Humanity with Ashley Avinashi

Ashley Avinashi is powerful and wise, a clear voice in favor of the well-being of families amidst the chaotic modern Western world we live in. She is the founder of Raising Humanity, a platform for helping families reconnect with their true nature in community with others. Ashley describes the value of shifting toward a new approach to parenting that embraces the healthy feminine with gentleness and ease, and the quest to integrate the individualistic paradigm of the West and the collective paradigms of the East in favor of a more balanced ecosystem of support for families.

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From Our Youth: On Finding a Flow State

In this episode I get to reconnect with my passion for working with youth! Brandon Shintani is a high school student in New Jersey and he took the initiative to reach out and ask if I would interview him on my podcast! Of course I said yes! Brandon is the founder and leader of Mind Design Sports, an online platform designed by teens, for teens and kids. He is passionate about spreading the word that the mental game in sports is equally as important as the physical game. Brandon's energy, focus and fearlessness are contagious and any adult could learn from his courage to pursue his dreams.

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Education for the Future: Heart-Centered Schooling

This episode is for those of you who, like me, are ready for new educational models to emerge from the eye-opening experiences of COVID 19 and virtual schooling. Today’s guest, Sukhi Bal, has recognized the current education system needs a paradigm shift for the sake of our children and future. This is why Sukhi and her husband co-founded an education framework, Xploration Centre, to bring conscious, love-based, nature-inspired and innovative education to the world.

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Fresh Intuition: An Interview with Mary Welty-Dapkus

In this episode, David interviews Mary Welty-Dapkus, CEO of Fresh Intuition. Mary and David discuss the new wave in leadership that values EQ (emotional intelligence) over IQ, the power of the pause, integrating masculine and feminine energy, intuition, and more. In addition to being a certified Martha Beck life coach and Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessor, Mary is the founder of the Fresh Intuition Women’s Circle. You can learn more about Mary’s work at https://freshintuition.com/.

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Life As An Intuitive Art: An Interview with Nafsheen Luhar

Transformational speaker, healer, creator and coach Nafsheen Luhar was born and raised in Kenya and moved to California at age 18. Nafsheen has overcome molestation, obesity, body shaming and cancer and views all of these experiences as powerful gifts that have helped her see light through her pain. Nafsheen aspires to travel the world to collect stories of people who have overcome adversity and to spread her message of embracing our pain as our greatest power, finding freedom within and embracing our inner light so we can illuminate the path for others.

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How a Flat Tire Taught Me To Lean Into A New Belief System

In this solo episode, I share the story of how a flat tire on the highway with my young children on a 100+ degree summer day taught me to lean into the discomfort of building new belief systems and reminded me that sometimes our worst fears are an opportunity to discover infinite possibilities. I also remind my listeners that there really is no such thing as good and bad.

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Using Present Moment Awareness to Navigate the Nervous System

Several years ago, NatNatBe was given a non-specific yet potentially life threatening diagnosis for a condition that had left her feeling exhausted, confused, and unable to work. After spending more than 40 days in the hospital undergoing countless tests with three sons at home to care for, NatNat was ready to take responsibility for her own health and well-being. In this interview, NatNat shares how she used this journey back to health to develop a present moment awareness practice, learn to work with the nervous system, and turn her lens inward. Through this process, she has discovered that filling her own cup first allows her to be more present in her own life and support others unconditionally on their conscious journey. This interview--full of beautiful analogies grounded in timeless wisdom teachings--will help you use your witnessing superpowers to effectively navigate the nervous system’s natural response to triggers so you can move through them to restore a sense of calm and balance.

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