Hey I'm David!

Intuitive leadership coach, education innovator, and teacher here to serve

A true survivor, I have transmuted the trauma of my childhood of molestation, abandonment, and poverty into my highest form of service to the world. Today I use these experiences as a bridge to help people just like you overcome your life circumstances and self-limiting beliefs so you can rewrite your story through the lens of abundance and love.

How did you rewrite your story from trauma to triumph?

My early trauma forced me to grow up too fast. I forgot how to play, trusted no one, and in school became the quiet child who lacked confidence and struggled to make friends.
At age 18, the disappointment and unprocessed trauma of my childhood re-emerged as an unrelenting drive to achieve. I wanted to overcome the story of my past, to fight for what was rightfully mine, to prove the world wrong. I went from being a poor kid who felt invisible to graduating with honors from UC Berkeley and Stanford University.
During my early adult years, I fluctuated between following the material benefits of social convention and listening to my soul’s whisper for something bigger, something more daring, something free. Through work with young people from all backgrounds, teachers, parents, and more, I discovered I felt most alive when teaching and coaching. After several years as a teacher, I began stepping into higher status roles, first as a principal and later as an executive. Around the same time, my wife gave birth to my two beautiful children, Kyle (10) and Ella (7)--which gave new purpose and added new layers of responsibility to my life.

With each promotion I spent less time doing what I loved and drifted further from my authentic self.

In June 2018 after a stressful year in which I had opened Growth Public School--my tenth school in 10 years--my doctor sent me to the ER for a possible stroke after losing sensation in my face. Bell’s palsy was (thankfully) a less serious diagnosis, but served as a wake-up call that things needed to change.
In the weeks and months following my diagnosis when I was forced to slow down to heal, I realized I felt empty on the inside. In pursuing an external definition of success, I had neglected the difficult parts of my story that needed to be remembered and loved.

Around this time I began my spiritual journey with teachers like Richard Rohr, Michael Singer, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. The last several years have been spent learning to shine the light of loving awareness on the trauma I now see as key to my transformation. But suffering through deep trauma like I did is not necessary for you to embark on your own path toward transformation; we all have childhood wounds that need our love and attention to heal.
Through my work in spiritual growth communities and with energy healers, coaches, and hypnotherapists, I have learned to trust my intuition and practice present moment awareness. I have also recovered my ability to play! And in the process, I have learned there is a path beyond the cookie cutter lives so many of us have been conditioned to lead. Today, I bring my whole self to the table as teacher, creator, listener, visionary, leader, healer, intuitive guide, and facilitator.

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How Can I Be of Service?

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. You are a changemaker and paradigm shifter who has a deep love for humanity. You have a vision for a better world. You have learned to play by the rules and tasted victory along the way.

Yet there has always been a nagging feeling that something you can’t quite put your finger on is missing. And you are here today because you are ready to step into something authentic and new, something grounded yet bold. You are ready to face the fears that have held you back and evolve into the fully expressed version of the human you were meant to be.

Nothing fills me with more delight than hearing about the life experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today and helping you weave that story into the great novel of your life.

Learning about your journey, your deepest fears, what gets you out of bed in the morning, how you use your intuitive gifts (or get stuck not following your intuition), and how you have overcome obstacles big and small is what I love most.

Whether you are here to learn more about leadership coaching, are on fire about reimagining the education system, seek spiritual guidance, or want to take your intuitive leadership to the next level, I look forward to getting to know you and learning how I can be of service.
However our lives are meant to intersect, my commitment is to illuminate your pathway with a pillar of love as you continue the journey toward your North Star.
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