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Calling all educators, leaders, learners, paradigm shifters and dreamers

When was the last time you let yourself dream about doing life differently?

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Your host David K Richards is on a mission to get to the heart of the matter and envision a new paradigm for  leading, living and learning.  

He shares his conscious journey and transformation as a Founder & CEO, education reformer, life coach, and dad-preneur. You will see the big picture with him while also getting practical and easy-to-understand tips and strategies to change your life. David tells engaging and entertaining stories about life, leadership, his journey to reform education, parenting ups and downs, and how he healed from his traumatic childhood to achieve success.

He also engages in deep conversations with others that have walked the intuitive path like him. If you are interested in coming home to your soul’s purpose, reimagining leadership, reinventing schools, and healing forward together this is the podcast for you.



Dropping into Intuitive Guidance for 2021

In this solo episode, I welcome the new year by taking my listeners through a guided exercise to help you 1) tune into the frequency of your soul and 2) build regular practices to minimize the distance between your intuitive guidance and concrete action steps. I also share three key guiding principles that have come out of my own discernment process for the new year and how they continue to point me toward my highest light.

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Finding your way to Authenticity and Clarity with Dinuka Ranasinghe

My friend, Dinuka Ranasinghe is a wonderful example of transformation and authenticity. She left her job as a lawyer to open a preschool and become a conscious parenting coach. David and Dinuka share their journeys from leaving the corporate world to finding their way back to their essence and the beauty in living with authenticity and clarity.

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Bridging Science and Intuition with Arayeh Norouzi

As a certified life coach and mindful living conscious parenting educator with a PhD in Psychology Dr. Arajey Norouzi bridges reasoning and science to intuition and spirit. She shares her research around mindfulness and the 3 one-minute mindful micro-breaks she created. Throughout our busy days, we all deserve to pause, return to breath and become present. Dr. Norouzi also shares how we can become conscious parents and move towards creating meaningful connections with our children.

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Pass Your Light and Lead with Heart with Val Alino

When your words and actions show the universe that you’re in alignment, the universe starts to provide. Even in 2020. Val Alino’s 10 day business trip to Peru transformed into an unexpected eight month stay as the world went into a pandemic lockdown. David let his intuition guide him to his calling of helping others find their light. David and Val connect by sharing how they surrendered to the moment and trusted their intuitive guidance system. This abundant conversation centers around authenticity, rebirth, and the beautify of service, children, education and remaining heart centered.

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Connecting with the Yin and the Yang with Maurice Shaw

As Maurice shares, sometimes we need to get out of the way as men and allow the feminine energy, the yin energy, to take the lead. It doesn’t mean the feminine yin energy must come in the form of a female, because men have access to that as well. But we need to become grounded enough to experience and then express the feminine energy. It is really hard for men to find our nurturing sides when we have been conditioned for generations to show no weakness and gain all the power. So, my close friend Maurice and I host a men’s group where men can come and be vulnerable. We embrace the feminine energy and together learn to undo the layers and reflect within.

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Follow Your Intuition and Find Your Truth with Uchenna Ilo

Follow your intuition. That is how I connected with Uchenna and how I invited him onto the podcast. Uchenna has always had the gifts of intuition. His gifts help him feel the intuitive energy and listen. Uchenna’s intuition flows through words. He has a natural gift of writing and uses the power of writing and language to share his wisdom on self love and self realization. Through Uchenna’s journey of self-discovery from very high to very low points, he realized he was running away from his spiritual calling. Uchenna let his intuition guide him back to himself and his full abundance.

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Oneness, not Sameness, A Journey towards Conscious Conversations and a Global Generation with Faiza Liban

If you’re not in the now here, you’re nowhere. Faiza shared that during our conversation and she learned it from her first mindfulness course. My next guest is Faiza Liban. She is a Mindfulness Facilitator who is passionate about creating communication that is conscious and mindful, and I can tell you our conversation was just that. Faiza shares how her experience being raised in Kenya, immigrating to England and settling down in Miami has inspired her to help parents and children develop their skills to be conscious and mindful. She has a beautiful vision for a global generation that is focused on oneness, not sameness where we include all types of people and appreciate our uniqueness. As Faiza says, lets include. We have so much to offer.

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The Moment I Surrendered and Found My Authentic Self

This is a really special unedited conversation with David about taking the quantum leap to surrender to something bigger. For a long time, due to life challenges and a feeling of unworthiness, David lived life through his false self. He shares his experiences leading up to finding his authentic self and “jumping off the cliff” to find his calling and create a school. David shares his experience to help inspire others to pursue your passion. “If you’re willing to do the work, your life will never be the same.”

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A Heart Centered Journey with Mrs. Audria Johnson Part 2

Mrs. Johnson shared her stories about Atlanta, teaching in California and raising two sons in the last episode. She joins us again to share her wisdom on intuitive leadership. The transition from being a teacher to a principal, and from being colleagues and peers to the boss was as challenging as it was rewarding. Audria has created a heart-centered, intuitive and supportive space at Growth Public Schools. This conversation is rich, critical and vulnerable.

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The Story of Heart Centered Journey with Mrs. Audria Johnson Part 1

David welcomes A Conscious Way Forward’s first guest, the wonderful intuitive warrior, Mrs. Audria Johnson. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Mrs. Johnson describes herself as a “chill, humble, Southern girl!” While she had thoughts of becoming a pediatrician, she found her calling in education, earned a BA in Early Childhood Education, and never looked back. She taught in a district school in Atlanta for a few years until she and her husband’s family made the move to California. Mrs. Johnson landed a job with St. Hope at the PS7 Elementary School. She was an instructional coach, taught first grade, and then became the principal. In 2017, Mrs. Johnson joined Growth Public Schools (GPS), a K-8 charter school in Sacramento, California, founded by David K. Richards. She has been the principal since 2017 and currently wears the hat as GPS’ Intuitive Leader/Executive Director/Principal. Mrs. Johnson shares her journey in education as an African American female teacher, which ultimately led her to GPS. David and she discuss systemic issues within current education and their vision for heart-centered, emotional education.

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